Employment - Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator

Job Posting – Mackinac Island Waste Water Systems Operator

Position Title:       Mackinac Island Wastewater Systems Operator

Post Date:             September 10th, 2018      

Location:               City Of Mackinac Island

Details:                  The Department of Public Works of Mackinac Island is seeking qualified candidates for a Wastewater System Operator position. Job duties include, but not limited to the following: monitor and maintain wastewater treatment plant operations by collecting and analyzing data, perform lab work, performing operational checks and adjustments, servicing and maintaining equipment and facilities, working on collection system infrastructure, as well as, biosolids handling and disposal.  

Qualifications:      Candidate should have experience in Waste Water Treatment and/or Wastewater Collections Operations, Michigan “D” or “C” Waste Water Treatment Plant certification preferred, Waste Water Lab experience preferred, must be able to work in confined spaces, must be able to ride a bicycle, must be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds, must be able to work in confined spaces and outdoors under varying climatic conditions, strong written and verbal communication skills, graduated from high school or equivalent G.E.D., must be able to walk over rough terrain and climb ladders and stairs.

Salary / benefits:   $17.00 - $22.00 D.O.Q / Paid Time Off, Health Benefits

Comments:            Looking for candidate to live on Mackinac Island due to travel constrains in inclement weather in times of emergency responses. 40 hour work week with overtime as needed. The City of Mackinac Island has a year around population 500, seasonal visitors approximately 800,000 annually. City owned duplex rental available for housing.

How to Apply:      Mail resume, concise one page cover letter, three professional references to Department of Public Works, City of Mackinac Island, Attention Michael Olson, P.O. Box 515, Mackinac Island, MI 49757.  This position will be open until filled.  Review of submittals begins immediately.  Mackinac Island Department of Public Works is an equal opportunity employer.