Police Department


7374 Market Street
PO Box 188
Mackinac Island, MI  49757

Phone: (906) 847-3345
Fax: (906) 847-0344

A prime example of community policing at its best, the members of Mackinac Island Police Department are a group of good people interested in service to the community. Community policing is a collaborative effort between members of the community and local law enforcement to help manage and reduce crime.

In the summer, Mackinac Island’s police force expands to meet the needs of residents, employees, and visitors. Summer patrol is on foot and bicycle, with a motorized police vehicle available for emergencies.

Winter police work requires a smaller force, and a core department patrols a community of between 500 and 600 year-around residents, sometimes on snowmobile. The police vehicle is used to transport senior citizens to church, the medical center, the airport and to the shops downtown.

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Corporal Kenneth Hardy, Jr.

Ken Hardy, Jr. is a 3rd generation police officer following his grandfather Don Hardy (Chief of Police of South Haven, MI) and his father Ken Hardy (Sgt. of State Police MSP 83 St. Ignace Post). Ken graduated from Western Michigan University with a bachelor degree in Criminal Justice. Originally from St. Ignace, MI, Ken moved to Mackinac Island in July 1994 and was promoted to Corporal on October 5, 2008.

Ken wanted to follow in his father's path growing up. He is married to Island native, Vanessa Hardy (Smith) and has two boys, Brady and Henry. Working on the island is very "community policing" oriented, ranging from giving senior citizens rides in the winter to bike and foot patrol in the summer.

Interim Chief Andrew Dziobak

After graduating from Lansing Community College with an associate's degree in criminal justice, Andrew Dziobak completed the Mid-Michigan Police Academy in Lansing, MI. He has been with the Mackinac Island Police Department since 1998 and was promoted to Corporal on October 5th, 2008.

Ever since he was a child, Andrew wanted to be a police officer because of the allure and the respect that comes with the job. He enjoys working on Mackinac Island because it's a close-knit community, where talking to one another is a very important aspect of community policing. He feels Mackinac Island is a great community to work in, there is a good crew, and the new Chief has moved the department in a positive direction.

Officer Cory Kaminen

Cory Kaminen grew up in Ishpeming, MI and became a Naval Quartermaster (navigation) aboard the USS Guitaro and the USS Chicago fast attack submarines stationed in San Diego, CA.

In 1993, Cory left active duty to pursue an associates degree in Law Enforcement, attending Hawkeye Tech College in Waterloo, IA, and receiving his degree in 1996. In 1997, he moved back to Ishpeming to attend Northern Michigan Police Academy.

In 1996, Cory entered back into the Navy as a reservist and retired from the reserves in 2013. In 2001, he was activated and traveled to Bahrain in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle for 6 months.

In 1998, Cory was hired to work as a Mackinac Island Police Officer and started as a seasonal officer until he returned from the 6 months in Bahrain. He's been working as a full time year round officer since 2002.

Cory has a home in the Village on Mackinac Island and he is married with two children ages 6 and 9. As of May 2014, Cory qualified as Fire I and II and he's recently joined the Volunteer Fire Department.

Officer Michael Yaw