Dwayne Miedzianowski


Dwayne Miedzianowski was born in southeast Michigan, but his family later moved to Central Michigan. He spent most of his childhood in the Clare area.

He began as a Police Cadet and Reserve Officer in Clare County. He later became a Corrections Officer and 911 Dispatcher. He went onto attend the Kirtland Regional Police Academy. He is grateful for the many experiences obtained while working at Tribal Police, City Police, and Sheriff’s Office agencies. He went onto leadership positions throughout his career and enjoyed the  community policing, financial aspects and grant writing challenges of leadership. He said he enjoyed seeing his fellow team members and agencies grow.

 Dwayne had been coming to Mackinac Island for several years as a child himself and then later bringing his own family for several visits each summer before joining us. He has always had a love for the Mackinac Island community and wanted to live here. 

He became a Seasonal Officer this past season and then a full time Officer this past December. He loves the community policing aspect of the community in that one minute you may be doing something to help a community member have a better day and the next assisting a visitor to have a great visit and experience of what amazing things the Island offers. He said a big part of what made him call the Island home is the amazing close knit aspect of the Island and how everyone comes together to help each other.